PlayHard logo

Below are the three versions of the Play Hard / Train Harder logo, two pixel-based ones and one that you can't view, but will be used for many of your print needs.

Raster or Pixel Versions

The first is a reduced-size version of the logo in pixel form. It's actually twice as larger as shown below. It can be used in any screen use -- once sized, because it's way too large to be useful as is. Right-click the image and save it to your machine.

And this one is about the same, but it's the shaded version that's used -- in a smaller size -- on the home page. It's better, but due to its size may not be large enough for some purposes. It also has the added benefit of being transparent, so there again...more useful. Right-click the image to download it to your machine.

Vector / Outline Version

Click below to download the .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file of the logo. It is a much smaller file, but can be used by any print service bureau to create the logo in literally any size, from the head of a pin to the side of a skyscraper because it's all points and outlines that can be infinitely scaled without losing any quality. 

Right-click this link and choose Download Linked File

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