Tuesday, 25 July 2017
ANNOUNCEMENT: Now Offering Online Training

Cheers Y’all….so I’m up late and sitting in my office watching the replay of the Crusaders vs Highlanders Super Rugby quarter final game and writing Owen Franks’ next 6 weeks of training. I will be writing quite a few more programs and catching up on tons of emails and Instagram messages over the next few days because it seems with all of the things that happened lately I have gotten way behind on answering the inquiries that I’ve gotten since launching my new Instagram account Tight 5 Performance and through my website. Looks like I’ll be in my office for a long time so I hope the rest of the quarter final games are as exciting and hard hitting as this game has started off and in some nasty Christchurch winter weather.     

First I want to catch y’all up on something very special and that is for the first time ever I will be offering Online Training programs. This is something that I have been reluctant to do because I never wanted to be one of those ‘Internet Gurus’ but I see the training programs and information that is available for the Tight Forwards in Rugby and…well I don’t care who gets their feelings hurt…it is ridiculous and actually disgusting to see the absolute bullshit that is passed off as ‘training’.  There is so much more than lifting weights like a weightlifter or powerlifter and mindless running that goes into creating a dominate Tight Forward. 

I will be offering several levels of programming depending on training age, if you’re front row or second row (maybe we will offer training to the tougher loose forwards that are out there!!!) and of course based on the needs of off season, pre season or in season training for the most physically demanding positions on the rugby pitch. They will include multi directional speed and quickness drills, building explosive power and strength, packing on ‘mass that lasts’ so it doesn't simply wash off in the shower an hour after you train and of course fitness/conditioning because none of this matters unless you can actually move around the pitch. 

There will be programs that are generic but extremely effective and much more specific to the needs of the Tight Forward on the pitch than the bullshit that’s currently out there. I also offer personalized training programs like I already do for some of the greatest Tight Forwards in the game of Rugby. 

Now, I said I was always reluctant to do this and if you think I’m kidding just ask the folks from Train Heroic where I have had an account for over a year and have dragged my feet in putting anything up while I continue to see the monthly charge hit my credit card account. If you really want to hear about it just ask Sally my wife and she will fill your ear like she has mine!!!  She understands what I have to offer and what is out there currently. So why now you ask, well I’ll tell you, a few months ago I started Tight 5 Performance on Instagram to just to show some of the exercises, drills and more that I have been using to help create some monsters on the pitch. Since then I have been inundated and honestly a bit overwhelmed with training program requests and questions since I put up the first post.  I just wanted to get some information out there in the world of training since I get asked about my training philosophy so often. The questions and videos of training I see along with finding out what/why folks are doing them made me sick to my stomach.  I don’t care how much you polish a turd…it’s still a turd, its just got a prettier wrapper on it now and that's all some of these folks that call themselves ‘coach’ are offering. 

Another reason for ‘why now’ was last November when the All Blacks came to Chicago and I had a chance to sit down with All Blacks Scrum Coach Mike “Crono” Cron and share my philosophy. This was after Head Coach Steve Hansen barreled his way though the crowd in the hotel lobby to introduce himself to me and thank me for what I have done with Owen!!!  Talking to Crono in his room about specific exercises and the reasons I do them and showing him videos and more.  I told him that being strong doesn’t mean shit if you are not strong in the correct biomechanical position only for him to exclaim “Why don’t strength and conditioning coaches in New Zealand think like you do?”   This is the exact quote I have been using for years, “In world of Athletics: Strength means nothing if you are not able to hold a position in order to create power”.  Let’s talk adding muscle mass…insure that you are not only adding quality muscle mass but that you are not adding too much upper body mass and making yourself top heavy which will have a poor influence on your ability to change direction because you will change your body’s center of gravity.  You also want to avoid the old “look like Tarzan and play like Jane” or about speed….now this is a particularly sensitive one for me….when you’re talking Tight Forward play why all of the emphasis on speed when it should be on Multi Directional Quickness. 

So you can see a little of the way I think and the programs I will offer.  Now if I can get a few free hours I can get this all written and uploaded on Train Heroic so you all can have access to it. 

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES


Posted on 07/25/2017 12:46 PM by Ed Cosner