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I have Endured

I have endured 

I have been broken 

I have known hardship 

But, here I stand. 

Still I move forward each day. 

I will never forget the harsh lessons in my life-

For they have made me stronger. 


Just a little reflection on the battles thriough injury over the past 10 years 

2012 Ruptured Achilles and Ankle - doctor fucked up and it got infected multiple times and had to have 3 additional surgeries and it was still infected so I I got a new doctor and he saved my life (from septic shock) and my leg but had to perform 4 more surgeries but the damage from highly effective antibiotics going through a PICC Line straight to your heart (combined with the side effects of untreated Sleep Apnea - got a CPAP in 2006 - you can’t undo the damage to the heart) lead to 2014 Triple Bypass Surgery (had cardiac stress test/scan in 2012 prior to my 4 additional surgeries at Texas Orthopedic) then in 2018 the other Achilles ruptured (had an amazing doctor). 

Play Hard... Train Harder... NO EXCUSES