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Stories from Coaching

Fact: the Spurs DID NOT even have one squat rack when I joined the team in 1999.  We did have a decent selection of DBs a couple of machines and not one but TWO Smith Machines!!  WHY!!?? 

I laugh now but I was the squat rack for the players that wanted to squat. I’d actually clean the weight up and put it on their traps and let’s be honest here we all know I might be all of 5’10” and my short arms ain’t helping me hand that bar up that high…. I’d stand on a 24” box and hang clean the bar and hand it to them!!  

After that season the equipment that was to go in the new training facility was ordered and just before the 1999-2000 season started we got in a beautiful set up complete with platform for our little closet of a weight room at the Alamodome where we played and practiced most days. 

During the season when players who were with us for the Championship Season of 1999 that were now with other teams would come to town and my boss would bring them through to show them the new stuff… one day he brings a player in and he’s bragging and showing off the stuff and the guys sees me in there working with someone prior to the game (yes some guys lifted prior to or right after playing - but I’ll get to that another time) anyways he sees me and yells…. 

“I see you Big Ed…now motherfucker this is your shit here doing what you always said we should be doing”!!!  

YEP… as year two starts I’m already in the dog house with the boss!!! Hahaha!!!

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