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The High Pull

Yeah Baby!! I do love me some High Pulls and here’s a small bit of my ‘why’ 

Throwing in the Highland Games is a different beast and my goal is producing as much power as possible to turn a big caber, get a 56 or 42 pound weight over the bar or the 16 pound sheaf over the bar. 

Yes I do cleans and at 60 years old I still snatch and that's with my sternum glued and wired together after heart surgery and get this with 3 achilles injuries I still jump and anyone that knows me knows I love me some medball throws. Add to all of it I also do hundreds of drills per month training working on the technical aspects of 9 events that are contested. 

My sport is The Highland Games also known as Scottish Heavy Athletics and I do what is necessary to become a Champion…. It’s as simple as that. 

I’m looking forward to going into my Off Season Training and maybe even stepping back on the field for a few local games after having to take a break from competitions.  I really miss the training for the Games.

Last year I jumped back into competition too quick and the injury to my hamstring and hip have taken a bit longer than I thought or expected it to heal.  Of course combine that with our move back to Texas and the mental and emotional beating I took from the absolute toxic shitshow that I was coaching with the New Orleans Gold…. It’s taken it’s toll on me but as the old Dick’s Last Resort logo said…. ‘You can’t kill a man born to hang’

I’m going to be videoing and writing about my training as a 60+ year old strength/power athlete a little more often so if you’d like to see more check back here and follow the links to my YouTube channel 

This was written in response to a strength and conditioning coach over on Strength Coach Twitter hating on the high pull which just shows that the person doesn’t know what they’re talking about and probably thinks you can only power clean or power snatch with the barbell too…. but in future posts I’ll continue giving the high pull some love and bring some focus to other strength and conditioning coaches who use it like Al Vermeil… 

Play Hard... Train Harder... NO EXCUSES

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