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Hyde Park Gym - Austin Texas

The other day Sally needed to go to Austin to take care of the labs she's in charge of there (she has one of those 'real job' things!!) and since I had just gotten back from New Zealand I decided I could use a day off and hang with my sweetie and of course head to Austin to hang out for a few hours...always easy to find something to do in Austin. So, me being the good 'meathead' that I am packed up my gym bag and grabbed some snacks (it is 2 hours from Houston...a man gets hungry) and we headed out.

After dropping Sally off at her lab I headed to an old gym I use to train at way back in the mid-80's when I'd come up from Corpus Christi to compete in powerlifting meets at the Villa Capri Motel (which is now a parking lot for UT) or Gregory Gym at UT. Come to think of it there were times I came to Austin just to train at Hyde Park Gym the atmosphere was that good!! What's a few hours drive to train? Now listen up keyboard warriors unless you've acutally competed back in the middle-late 1980's you have no idea the meets that use to happen at the Villa Capri put it in one word they were....AWESOME as was the celebrations afterwards!! No cliques or pompous asses allowed...we all went out and had a blast together.

Walked in, paid my $10 daily fee and headed to the platforms!! Hunted down a decent bar (spoiled at my gym with 5 Eleiko Bars) and the plates needed for the day's training of Squats, Cleans, Clean Pulls & Good Mornings were on the menu for the day. From the moment I walked in I could feel the 'eyes' on me and as I loaded up the bar to 180kg for pause squats even more decided to come back to the back and 'see' just who the hell was doing this!! Well there was a pretty fit and muscular guy back there training a powerlifter and we began talking about the 'days of old' and discovered not only had we shared the powerlifting platform but the bodybuilding stage as well and we indeed knew each other (it had been some 25 years) and had shared more than a beer or two!! Dave Goodin,is the former owner of Hyde Park Gym and I'll tell ya it didn't take us long to catch up. Alright its time for his lifter to get to work and it was time for me to move on to my cleans!!

I had a great workout and it's one that seemed to help me 'turn the corner' mentally in my training. It really is a great gym and 25 years later it still has the atmosphere and equipment necessary for success in the Iron Game!! You're in the right place when the benches and racks are heavy gauge steel and painted Nautilus Blue!!

Thanks Hyde Park Gym....I will be back soon for another training session!! Actually I'll be back next Thursday!! 

Old Strong Guys Rule

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