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Got Strength?

Saturday before last I conducted a workshop that I have been creating for a long time!!! I presented it at Franks Brothers CrossFit here in Christchurch, New Zealand to about 40 trainers and athletes. I titled it "Got Strength; The Journey Back to Old School Strength TrainingNo Fluff...No Bullshit...No Magic Potions....No Gimmicks...Just HARD WORK. Anyone that knows me knows that this is a subject very near and dear to my heart and it is exactly where my training philosophy gets its solid base. I always refer to it as a journey not a destination and indeed it's been an almost 40 year journey for me that has taken me all over the world as both an athlete and coach.

I began by asking everyone what their basic philosophy on training was and I was amazed at how many did NOT have a philosophy or even a clue. So I began by telling them that there was no one way to do anything in this world and you sure as hell ain't going to be in 100% agreement with anyone...nor should you!! I explained that I learned early in my career never have too much of an ego and try and learn something from everyone you can, I like to feel I've kept to that. So back to our discussion on philosophy, to me it is your core belief it's what guides you and your training and while it may similar to someone else's it should be unique to you. It grows but it doesn't change please don't be that person who changes their philosophy more times than I change underwear....I've worked for a few coaches like this and have been around way too many others that do exactly that. I like to call them 'fakes, frauds, and snake oil salesmen'.  We then progressed to cover everything from the practical science to individual exercises (including the how and why) and everything in between. I'm not going to go into detail'll just have to attend a workshop to find out. 

From the feedback I received the workshop was a huge success. I really enjoyed sharing my love and passion for training and what I believe is...the meat and potatoes approach to strength training.

Next thing is to take the feedback I received, ideas/discussions I have had since doing the workshop, and what I have already written and creating a longer workshop and presentation so I can share more of The Journey Back to Old School Strength Training because as my friend and strength coach Carl Jennings says; "old school is the real school and you are the headmaster, Ed" this is indeed an honor to hear someone say this.

Train Hard...Play Harder...NO EXCUSES