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Off Season Training with the Franks Brothers

Playing rugby for 10 straight months…traveling all over the globe to play 30+ games is a hell of a season and definitely a beating on the mind and body.  I seriously doubt that there are many athletes anywhere in the world that can handle this workload.  Ben & Owen Franks have been doing it for at least 5 solid years in their roles with the All Blacks and of course, Ben with the Hurricanes and Owen with the Crusaders. We have a 2 month off season before they report back to their Super 15 teams so there is no rest for the wicked here in Christchurch, New Zealand and that is where I come in…literally I come to Christchurch to train them for the beginning of the off season and before I go home I'll have the groundwork laid to program our 10 month in season plan.

For me its a 'think outside of the box' kind of programming for sure and even more so since both boys play the same position and both are at the top of the rugby food chain (obviously playing for the All Blacks)  and both boys love to train but each enjoy a different approach to their strength training with Ben leaning more towards the power building with some weightlifting movements and Owen loving weightlifting with some power building thrown in to keep some muscle on during the long season.

So there in lies the programming dilemma that I have but not really because I never bothered to 'only' follow the norm in my coaching, instead I choose to test, evaluate, & think on my own not just going with what some scientist constructed in an experiment at a lab in Russia.  We constantly talk though out the year and change our training as needed or as I see necessary during the 10 months of in season workouts. Hell after that the 2 months of off season is a breeze to program!!! 

So there we are…first week of off season finished with some great training in the books. 

Sunday, Ben and Genna are heading to Nelson for their wedding where I have been asked to be part of the wedding party as one of Ben's groomsmen an honor for me. I am headed to invade Emma and Owen's house for the next few days before we head to Nelson ourselves. 

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES