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Dealing with Injury

The Winter Olympics have begun and I'm sitting here watching and thinking about how hard every one of these athletes have trained and the injuries they've experienced and elected to trained around and/or trained though. Let's face it the term 'healthy athlete' is an oxymoron if you're an athlete pushing your body to it's limits then you are either coming off of an injury to about to be really is that simple!!

How you deal with that injury when it 'rears it ugly head' can make the all the
difference in your career. Are you just going to give up or are you going to fight? Only you can make the choice and from my own personal experiences it's a difficult decision. For me, I've chosen to train around and train though but what I will never do is give up, it's not something I can explain it's just how I've chosen to deal with the injury when it comes.

Pictured is Hurricanes' Blindside Flanker Faifili 'FaFa' Levave training though his injury

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES