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My interview with New Zealand's TVNZ

Ben and Owen Franks, training for the All BlacksI've been down under (New Zealand) for a couple of weeks. The people and the scenery have all been amazing.

Just when I thought things couldn't get better, I was blessed to be singled out for a short television piece during my stay down here.

The news station TVNZ learned about my training a couple of New Zealand's favorite sons, elite rugby players and brothers, Ben and Own Franks. The piece aired on the evening news and covered some basics of training such high-level athletes as well as exposing the sad fact that I am not a shy eater.

The people at the station were professional and way more than gracious to put my bubble head on their airwaves.

Have a look.

Click here or on the picture below

Ed Cosner's TVNZ interview regarding training Ben and Owen Franks