Friday, 10 February 2023
More Stories from Coaching

One day I was eating lunch with a couple San Antonio Spurs players that I was close to when they started asking questions about what I saw as my future in coaching. Since we were sitting at the bar eating there were plenty of people around us when they asked me but I wasn't bashful when I told them that wanted to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the NBA but hired as an Assistant Coach for Player Physical Development so that I would be vested in the NBA coach’s retirement AND receive a matched (but the team) playoff share. 

They were very supportive telling me that I would be great at that position given how I design each players program after talking with the player and coaches and the relationships that I seem to develop with each and every player no matter where they're from and I have knack for getting guys to do shit they never imagined they would be doing but that they don't even realize it!! 

WOW… I didn’t really think they realized or even paid attention that that’s what I did. 

I had certain players that I was responsible for but then other players would ask me to design a program for them and they’d skip out on doing Brungy’s shit training and instead they’d do my program. They use to seek me out knowing where I'd be training my private coaching athletes in the summer and want to jump in or on road trips they'd invite me to lunch or dinner to ask me to design their off season workouts and even from time to time fly me into town to work with them for a week or two. 

Anyways, one of my favorite NBA players (and very good friend) grabs me but he shirt and pulls me in close and tells me that my boss wasn’t doing me any favors and was actually stealing my ideas and claiming to Pop that they were all his ideas.  Well that was the gist of what he said… his exact words would make most of y’all blush!!

Even worse (or sad from where I'm sitting) is when I heard this exact same thing from a friend who happened to be a big time salesman at an equipment company.  He said that listening to Brungy was like an uneducated version of my training methods in that he could parrot it but did not understand it.

Until the next installment of "Stories from Coaching"  remember to:

Play Hard... Train Harder... NO EXCUSES 

Posted on 02/10/2023 10:12 AM by Ed Cosner
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