Sunday, 18 July 2021
Story Time

June 25th is a BIG day for me for 2 very different reasons.  .

On today’s date in 1980 I entered the US Army headed to Ft McClellan Alabama to start Basic and AIT. 

And also on today’s date in 1999 the San Antonio Spurs won their first NBA Championship becoming the first ABA team since the NBA/ABA merger.  Why is that special to me because I was an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach on that team!!!  

At my wife’s instance and best mate’s prodding I’m gonna start sharing stories from my life. I honestly never thought anyone would really care about my journey but when I do tell stories I get so many unbelievable responses that motivate me to share more.  

That and after some of the concussions I’ve had maybe I can go back and re-read the stories when my mind is fuzzy and realize that I lived a great life!!!  It’s not been all rainbows and unicorns…. Actually far from it but I’ve managed to do some amazing things and meet some wonderful people along the way. 

It’s often been said that “I write or tell stories of training fiction to make a point about training reality” which is close to the truth although much of what I talk and write about is truth but the names, dates and places have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. 

Stories are how we use to share history and stories are the best way to learn.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the stories that I’ve read though the year not much of a fan of boring ‘matter of fact’ tellings so I’ll do my best to keep things interesting. Now anyone that knows me know I love to tell stories but I’ll tell you right now that they won’t be in any specific order, sorry my brain just doesn’t work that way!! 

Please feel free to go back through the blogs on my website and read some of the stories I’ve already shared.

Let's get to looking back at a life well lived.  I hope y'all enjoy.  

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES

Posted on 07/18/2021 9:42 AM by Ed Cosner