Thursday, 11 December 2014
Owen Franks and Program Design

Week 2 training is just Owen and I which is a great way for us to get to know each other even more and forging a strong relationship.  This really helps me design of his training programs through out the year. Not only do I learn his goals (both short and long term) as well as his likes and dislikes in training.  I get to look in his eyes and listen when he talks as well as ask questions to get even more information from him that most times the athlete doesn't even realizing they are giving up. So when I combine all of this information I can truly program for Owen Franks.

This isn't some generic program that I just send off and if you do not have this type of relationship with your athlete/coach and that's exactly what most of these fakes and frauds that call themselves coaches are doing and too many 'coaches' that have athletes right in front of them don't have the faintest fucking idea what they're doing anyways!!!  I know there is a guy right down the street from my facility in Houston Texas that does that exact thing, as he 'baffles the parents with his bullshit' and most don't find out until its too late that all the time and money invested is wasted or worse they never figure it out.  Okay that rant is almost over.

"I don't know what's worse, the absence of a training program or an improper training program." 


Do you have a program that you follow? 

Who wrote it? What qualifications do they have?  Practical or Educational? 

What evaluation did they do, ask questions or observe and test you? 

Did you discuss your goals?  Short and Long Term?

Do you have any ideas what your goals are?  If not how do you know if your training is headed in the right direction. 

What are the things you enjoy doing in training? Exercises? How much time do you have to devote to training? I am asking for the time you have to devote 100% of your concentration to the task at hand. 


Do you keep a training log? Again, if you are not charting your progress how do you know if you're indeed making progress.   

These and so many more questions are what I ask my athletes through out the training year.

Play Hard…Train Harder…NO EXCUSES

Posted on 12/11/2014 2:29 PM by Ed Cosner