Sunday, 26 January 2014
Physical Development Training

Several months ago Ben Franks and I discussed him competing in a powerlifting meet prior to Hurricanes' Training Camp.  Well this past Saturday we did just that and yes I said WE

PowerHouse Gym here in Wellington, New Zealand put on a special Invitational Meet so Ben could compete and then he broke the news to me that I would be competing too. Well since my last powerlifting meet was way back in 1998 it was time to reach out to my friend Pete of Titan Support to set us up with the gear we needed. As usual they did an awesome job!! There's a good damn reason that Titan is the world's leader. 

Maybe I didn't hit the numbers I once had in my powerlifting days but I was on the platform competing and that was important to not only me but to Ben as well. Look let's be honest here, you're asking your athletes to train hard to be strong and powerful but also to trust that you know what you're doing. To me there's no better way than to show them. Understand that being a strength and conditioning coach is not just my career, it's my love and passion as well and it shows. It's a career that you live and wear everyday, if you don't think so then maybe you need to find another career.  

Like I had said it was a long time between powerlifting meets and in between I've not only competed but I've been very successful in strongman, weightlifting, and highland games. Anyone that knows my training philosophy knows that I use blend of all things strength, power and fitness in order to create my very own brand of Physical Development Training and the athletes I train have been very successful at all levels of competition....and I mean ALL LEVELS!!  

Okay off my 'soap box' and onto the meet.  I decided to only use a loose singlet, 1/2 knee wraps and no bench press shirt and to treat it like just another day training. Of course that 'day of training' came after about 20+ hours of traveling.  Remember when I said it had been a while? I wasn't kidding!! Started my warm-ups for squats too early and had to not only slow down but start over and if that wasn't enough proof then walking up to the bar for my second squat attempt and looking down only to realize I had forgotten to put my belt on surely was.  I went 8 for 9, missing my final deadlift.  I ended my day with a 230kg (508 pound) squat, 155kg (342 pound) bench press and a 200kg (440 pound) deadlift.

In retrospect it showed me where my own training has been lacking on this long road to recovery I've been traveling and it will serve as guidance when I design my next training cycle. I had a blast at the meet competing and becoming friends with so many great guys and even more fun after at a BBQ at Big Costa's house. Many thanks for the hospitality, great food and the Kava!!  Thanks to Warren Trent of PowerHouse Gym for putting on the meet and an even bigger THANKS for doing a live stream of the meet it was so cool to receive text messages from Sally while I was competing.  A big thanks to Ben for the motivation (as in kick in the ass) and my training partner Darren for the help in training. Of course a huge bit of gratitude goes to Pete and Matt from Titan Support but my biggest thanks and gratitude goes to Sally. She is forever in my corner and is my biggest supporter in this crazy life of mine. There is no way I could do this alone and I love you for it.

Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES

Posted on 01/26/2014 8:55 PM by Ed Cosner