Date: 25/03/2023
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Gainsville (Texas) High School Strength Clinic

On March 4th I have the immense pleasure to speak at Gainsville (Texas) High School Clinic that my mentor and friend Dan Burk is putting on with an unbelievable list of speakers.  

I will be speaking on Strength / Power Development for Basketball and sharing things that I have incorporated in my coaching throughout my many years training basketball players (and more sports than I could possibly list).  I started training basketball players in 1988 when then San Antonio Spurs player David Greenwood asked me to work with him and a few other Spurs players. Since most of you are not old enough to know who David was I share a little information on him. He was the 2nd overall pick of the 1979 NBA Draft coming out of UCLA where he played under legendary coach John Wooden but more interesting to me was when I learned that Coach Wooden didn’t allow his players to lift weights fearing that it was ‘mess up their shot!!’  I later learned that he and several other Spurs players had been watching me train both in the gym and out on the field while I was training during my off season before they approached me to work with them. I will add that I learned as much from them as they learned from me. 

Now if you think that what I’ll be covering is only specific to basketball then you’d be sadly mistaken AND remember someone is always watching you!! 

Click here to learn more about David Greenwood.

Quick footnote: Magic Johnson was the first pick which was decided on a coin flip between the Lakers and the Bulls

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