Date: 25/03/2023
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Screwed Over

Several years ago I was at Sorinex’s Summer Strong and met a guy battling through some nasty infections from surgery.  He was obviously a strength athlete but I didn’t know who he was but as I watched him interact with people you could tell that he was upset and a little depressed at his current dilemma and that's understandable with the athletes and coaches that are at Summer Strong every year. Since I'd just recently battled through from my own multiple surgeries from infections of my Achilles and ankle and another more intense battle that unless you;ve been through it most just wouldn't understand and then there's the deep personal battle with your psyche while you're watching all of your hard work for strength and muscle just vanishing AND if you're any kind of strength athlete you want to jump in and lift with everyone!!  I decided to go over and introduce myself and share my story of perseverance. He thanked me and told me the story on what he’d been going through and that talking with me was helpful and he appreciated it. I reached out to Sally about the infections he had and got some good guidance and questions for him to ask his doctors when he went to his next appointment. I messaged him a few times through the year giving him some motivation and just checking on him then a few years later while I was sitting in the audience as he shared his story and thanked people for the help given on his recovery and and as I listened to him rattle off names of those sitting around me I was absolutely floored when my contribution to this journey was completely left out… well damn I thought and just got up and walked outside… I sat there wondering why since I was the first to talk to him about it was I left out of his 'talk'.  I think about what he told a friend of mine when she asked him why he didn’t acknowledge my contribution to his journey considering and he told her that I had helped quite a bit but for some reason he couldn’t admit to the help I gave and he never would… my question is WHY!?  What had I done wrong to deserve to be left out but seeing the life he created for himself by playing a character that is not really him while people that has fought through hell and back and kicked a piece of the devil's ass sit by and don't get the same respect or opportunities. What I really believe is that it’s because I’m not famous or important enough within the inner circle of ‘brotherhood’ that he so badly wanted to be part of. Myself and others have watched you over the years use your sad story of self inflicted damage to compare your life to many of those that served in the Military and have their own stories of overcoming and battling demons and have fallen for your charades. 

Why am I sharing this story now since I’ve only shared it with a few people?  Well, I've had about enough of him and others on social media and on stage portraying their fake ass shit and people buying it when there are genuine fucking people that have truely battled some fucking demons. I'm one of them that has and wants an opportunity to speak because when I do I'm hit with so many messages from people around the world that tell me how I've inspired them to keep driving forward or as it's said "Stay Forward".                                                                                                                                                                                   

Funny, as I sit here and write this I think back to when you called me asking to use my gym in Houston to hold a seminar on a Saturday because some other fake ass charlatan bitch had canceled you using her place in San Antonio … sure I said but then no one showed because you didn’t do any work advertising and when you came I had a buddy that came to attend the clinic and when it was apparent no one was showing up you didn’t say a word to me but left with my so-called buddy and went to eat lunch, guess I wasn’t invited, in fact I had walked off for a few minutes and when I came back y’all were gone without so much as a thank you or even a fuck you!!  I only learned days later that y’all had gone to eat when I was talking to my buddy and he was gushing over all he learned at lunch with you.  Sally called that shit perfectly the moment she met you… and as usual she was spot on and I was to say the least, well I was humiliated and lost some serious cash since I closed my private gym for the day. 

Guess its just a case of being too nice and some people thinking it’s a weakness and that my boy would be a wrong thought to have about me.

Play Hard... Train Harder... NO EXCUSES