Date: 25/03/2023
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Andrew Schwartz commits to Goucher College

Defenseman Andrew Schwartz of San Antonio's St. Mary's Hall commits to play Lacrosse at Goucher College.  He will join High School All American Defenseman Paul Taylor who also played at St. Mary's Hall and is a junior at Goucher College.

Andrew has been training with PowerSport Strength and Conditioning since he was in 8th grade and all the hard work has paid off for him. He was named to Texas All State honors.   He is one of the strongest lacrosse players that trains with us.  He learned early in his career that the combination of strength, speed, quickness and power would lead to the opportunity to continue to play in college a dream of all high school athletes. 

Andrew committed to Goucher College in December.  He has been playing lacrosse since he was in third grade however, it was in high school is when he more seriously pursued the sport. Andrew played for the ATX Starz, a club team in Austin, TX, all throughout high school and attended numerous camps and tournaments during his off season. 

Goucher College is located just outside of Baltimore in Townson, Maryland. The NCAA Division three Lacrosse team is in the Landmark Conference, which they currently lead. As for overall NCAA Division three standings the Gophers are ranked 14th this week. Goucher has a very highly respected program among the lacrosse community. 

Some other schools that Andrew considered were Skidmore, Eastern Connecticut, Gettysburg, Clarkson, Williams, Haverford, Hendrix and a few others. 

(Andrew and SMH Lacrosse Coach Collin Guy)