Date: 21/10/2021
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Training of a Champion

So the month of November finds me at the bottom of the earth here in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Of course getting here was quite the ordeal thanks to the horrible "customer service" that was offered by Continental/United Airlines or whatever they call themselves.  Thanks to Air New Zealand for making my 14+ hour trip from LAX to Auckland a wonderful experience.  Note to self...always fly Southwest Airlines or Air New Zealand when you can.

However, I am not here on vacation, I am here to train Ben Franks of the 2011 IRB Rugby World Cup Champion New Zealand All Blacks.  So why did Ben bring me here all the way from the USA you ask?  Simple he wants to become stronger, more powerful, more explosive and quicker and he knows I am just the right man for the job.  I've been training him since February and he trusts me to get the job done.  Even if that means moving me into his spare bedroom for a month...poor guy just didn't realize how much I can eat!!!

I did come bearing gifts so I'm not that bad;  from Ironmind Ben got the #2 gripper, a copy of Milo, and training straps and from Titan Support a great new belt, wrist wraps and the Ram!!!  From Ben I got an autographed All Blacks jersey,  an autographed rugby ball both from Rugby World Cup and All Blacks shorts. Also a place to stay and food!!!  He and Genna are great hosts opening up their home to me.

Now this is Strength and Power Training, my passion, my life's is going to be heavy and it is going to be hard!!!  This ain't some bullshit training plan designed by some pencil neck geek that has never lifted a heavy weight...this is MY training plan!!  It is simple and it is basic  not some flashy fad's called a workout for a reason.  He ain't alone in this I am training right there with him and pushing him to his body's limits.  He is a committed athlete and a blast to work with!!  He does all the right things to be successful.

So I got in and got some food and we were off to the gym where we will spend almost every morning training, sweating, suffering, and getting strong and powerful...the very reason I am here.  Eastside Barbell/Gravity Gym is an awesome place for some real training.  It has jerk boxes, squat racks, benches, and plenty of bumper plates.  The afternoon training sessions will find us at Linwood Rugby Academy for agility work followed by rugby skill training with Scotty or you can find us at Canterbury Crossfit the gym the Frank brothers own with their dad, yes scary there are 2 of these beasts playing for the All Blacks.  There we will be doing our medicine ball training thanks to all I have learned and stole from Vern Gambetta one of my mentors and hereos in Athletic Development.  

 Please check back and see how our training is going.  Got some pictures posted in the gallery go check them out!!
Until next time remember      Play Hard...Train Harder...NO EXCUSES