I started working with Ed at the start of last season for my build up to the Rugby World Cup and really enjoy his simplistic approach to training, focusing on working hard and smart in the gym. There is no bullshit with Ed. I enjoyed working with Ed so much that at the end of the season I flew him out to New Zealand so I could work with him one on one and I am really pleased with the results. If you're not scared of hard work and you want to work with a trainer who makes your goals his own I highly recommend Ed.

Ben Franks
New Zealand All Blacks 2011 and 2015 RWC Champions
Crusaders - Super Rugby 
Hurricanes - Super Rugby 
London Irish - Premiership Rugby
Northampton Saints - Premiership Rugby



I have been a professional rugby player for 5 years for the Crusaders of the Super 15 Rugby League and the New Zealand All Blacks. I  started training in the gym when I was 14 years old and I believe this has given me a huge advantage in my rugby career. I met Ed 2 years ago when he came to Christchurch, New Zealand to train my brother Ben for the preseason.

What draws me to Ed as a strength and conditioning coach is he has huge experience from being a former professional strength and power athlete. There are too many trainers who have all there knowledge from books and study but have little experience in what they teach. Ed has both and that is what makes him a world class strength and conditioning coach. He practices what he preaches.

Owen Franks 
New Zealand All Blacks 2011 and 2015 IRB Rugby World Cup Champions
Crusaders - Super Rugby 


I can remember back to my sophomore year of high school. I was just really beginning to come into my own as a basketball player. I was tall, had the necessary skills, and had knowledgeable people around me to teach me what I needed to know. However, there was one thing that I was lacking. I was 6’7”, and yet I only weighed about 170 pounds. I needed to get stronger, quicker, and faster. I knew if I was going to play in college, I needed these things that I was lacking. That is when I first started training with Ed. From that point on, my whole athletic life changed.

The first thing that comes to mind when I recall my time with Ed is how much fun I had. When I tell people that, they always ask “How can you have so much fun and be doing all that hard work?” I tell them because I loved playing basketball, and whatever made me better, I loved that too. Playing high school and especially college basketball was hard work. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. It took more of my time than any class in school and or anything that I was involved with. Whether it was from the four hour practices to the summer running in the 100 degree heat, there was always something to be done. Most people don’t have what it takes to put in the time and effort to truly succeed, but I knew that’s what had to be done. And yet, it was fun to me. I loved going to the weight room. I loved shooting for hours on end. It was a drive that I had to be the best I could be. And that’s where Ed made the difference in my athletic life. He taught me what I needed to know to get stronger, faster, and quicker. He motivated me to try my best every day, no matter if I was tired, sore and just fatigued.  I enjoyed doing it all, and I am especially grateful that I had someone like Ed there to guide me and lead me on the right path.

Ed is by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in terms of what it takes to successfully train an athlete. Some people claim to be “trainers,” or to have trained athletes, but in reality the majority of people out there do not have the combination of knowledge, background experience, and personal skills necessary to properly train athletes. His knowledge translates across all sports, genders, and backgrounds. His knowledge combined with his personal experiences make him what I consider one of the best strength and sport coaches around. Ed has played professional sports, coached professional sports, and trained countless professional athletes. Ed knows what it takes to make it to the next level, because he has been there. Ed knows what it takes to make it to the next level because he has led people there. But most importantly, Ed has what it takes to propel you to the next level because he brings out the best in each athlete so that they find it within themselves to overcome adversity, find their inner strength, and succeed. I found my inner strength and desire while working with Ed. I rose to heights I never dreamed possible. Who would have thought that a skinny 6’7” basketball player would ever be able to power clean over 300 pounds and squat over 360 pounds. My legs were too skinny, I didn’t have the right body, and I would never be strong enough. Ed never bought into that, and he made me believe in myself. I have personally seen Ed do this for many people, and I continue to be amazed. I would not have gotten a scholarship for basketball in college if it was not for Ed and the value of hard work and dedication that he taught me.

When you train with Ed, each program and workout is specifically designed for you in mind. Whether you are a basketball player or a golfer, there is a rhyme and reason for everything that you do. You have goals, and you strive to attain those goals each and every day. A program is written for you and you alone, and you can literally see your progress week in and week out. I went from 170 pounds and barely being able to power clean 100 pounds to weighing 220 pounds and being stronger than everyone around me. Pretty good for someone who could never gain weight and was never very strong. I believe 100% that you can achieve your athletic goals if you have the dedication and willpower. Training with Ed makes it that much easier to go beyond what you imagine.

Today, after I have finished playing college basketball, I still train with Ed three times I week. I love it. I feel great and am still able to play basketball in competitive leagues with former players. It is something that will stick with you your entire life. More than just being strong and staying in shape, it is a mindset for everything else you do in life. One thing that Ed has taught me is that if you are going to do something, you might as well do it right and give 100%. I apply this to my job and my personal life, and it has paid off tremendously. I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to achieve a goal athletically to train with Ed. You will find that you will achieve your athletic goals, and you will also achieve so much more. There is no one better out there, I can guarantee it. But, despite everything I have talked about, the thing I am most proud of is the lifelong friendship that I have made with Ed. That is something that will outlast any trophy on the wall or any record in a book.

Ryan Griffin
2003 San Antonio Basketball Player of the Year
Sam Houston State Division I Basketball



I first met Ed when I was in the 7th grade, when I was short, skinny and weak. Ed, looking the exact same back then as he does now (except the goatee had almost no gray in it), saw a scrawny kid he could help strengthen and develop into a collegiate level athlete. Ed loves telling people how when we first met, I couldn't even bench the bar (45 lbs.) for more than 1 or 2 reps. After seeing how weak I truly was, and knowing where I wanted to get (Play basketball for a Division 1 school), I knew I would have to dedicate myself to training with Ed. Within a few months, I was able to bench 100 lbs. for 8 reps and was on my way to becoming stronger, faster and more dynamic. It was difficult to make these strides in improvement, and without someone like Ed being there pushing me everyday and teaching me the proper techniques and regimes, it probably would have never happened. It wasn't necessarily that I needed to be pushed, but there are days where you are tired, or just don't want to go to the gym to lift, but somehow Ed never has these days and would always be there to help me push through these barriers to keep me training at a high level. That is the best thing about Ed, he is always looking to help you become your best because he truly wants to see you succeed just as much as you do. To be an elite athlete, you have to make a lot of sacrifices; early mornings all summer, late evenings during the season, training on holidays, and Ed is always willing to do it all with you. No matter if it is 6 am, or 9 pm, Ed will be there because he wants to see you succeed, and puts his own self interest aside for your improvement.

Ed trains athletes whose goals range from winning the Rugby World Cup to simply losing weight and getting in better shape for everyday life, and he trains them all with the same dedication and care. This passion for his students is what sets Ed apart from other strength coaches, and he has the knowledge to back up his training methods. Ed and I have spent over ten years together hanging out on a track, in a weight room, or at  Florio's/Hooters/Dick's Last Resort/ or whatever other food we were craving for a recovery meal, and all that time paid off immensely for me. I wasn't able to make it to a division 1 school, but I was able to play at a high level of Div. 3 basketball, and reached goals of power cleaning 110 kilos, power snatching 80 kilos, squatting 300 lbs, benching 225 lbs, and a 36 inch box jump all while weighing only 155 lbs. This would not have been possible for me without Ed's training. His methods and techniques helped me play and compete at a level probably out of my reach originally, and I could never thank him enough for that. Also, I know that I am not the only one who he has succeeded with, as many of the people I met while training with Ed went on to do well in athletics, but more importantly, they also continue to be my friends to this day.  The atmosphere while training with Ed is a serious one, but one where you are encouraged to have fun. Weight lifting and training for sports is meant to be fun, and if you aren't enjoying it, then you will never succeed. Ed is the best trainer I have ever met, and his teachings and methods will always be apart of my training as they have been proven to work with not only my own personal achievements, but with the many others I met while training with Ed. If you dedicate yourself to Ed's trainings and yourself, then there is no limit to where Ed can take you. I highly recommend training with Ed, because he will be 100% committed to making you your best and will map out a plan to help you reach your goals.

Bart Taylor 
Trinity University Basketball
2007 - 2010
Director of Scouting for the Utah Jazz


I met Ed 11 years ago at the San Antonio Highland Games and since that time I have spent DAYS with him driving to games all over the Southwest talking training.  His knowledge of all the aspects of training is awesome.  I compare Ed's passion and knowledge to my NFL strength coach Dave "Redman" Redding.  If I have a question, I call Ed - not search the Internet.

He has squatted well over 800+ pounds and snatched over 300 pounds.  He gets flown to New Zealand to train some of the baddest rugby players in the world.

He knows EVERYONE in training and they know him.  I could go on for days with Ed stories.

The most important thing about Ed is his relationship with his athletes old and new.  They love him and want to work for him because he is 100% the real deal.

I spent 11 years in the NFL and Ed is the first one in my foxhole.


Mike Baab-NFL Center 1982-1993
Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs 
High School All American
College All American  
Go Horns!!
Highland Games World Champion and holder of 3 World Records



Working with Ed Cosner and Power Sports Strength Training has been one of the most beneficial opportunities in my life and has helped me both as an athlete and a person. Through Ed's extensive and innovative training techniques I put was able to build 50lbs of muscle through high school while adding speed, flexibility, and explosiveness to my game, all while helping me stay healthy so that I am more effective on the court.

The individually designed dynamic training program of Power Sports combined with the intensity and knowledge that Ed brings to each workout creates an atmosphere that is perfect for attaining athletic success, whatever your goals may be.

I recommend Ed Cosner and Power Sports to anyone who is serious about getting to the next level in their sport.

Ian Markolf
University of Wisconson
University of the Incarnate Word



I have been training with Ed Cosner going on six years now, and it has been extremely beneficial to my development as a basketball player and as an overall athlete. Throughout my high school and college career I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my strength, explosion, and athleticism due to the olympic style lifts that Ed incorporates in training. I have also been blessed enough to avoid any major injuries over my career, and I attribute this in large part to certain joint and muscle strengthening exercises that Mr. Cosner employs in all of his workouts. Given his extensive history as both an athlete and trainer, I have always felt nothing but confident that every exercise in every workout was geared towards my improvement as an athlete. Overall, training with Ed has been a tremendous experience, there was always a high energy brought to the workouts, and he was very encouraging.

Most importantly, Ed genuinely cares for his athletes and enjoys nothing more than seeing them improve and succeed in their particular sport

Chris Barnes
University of Texas at Dallas



When I started coming to train with Ed as a senior in high school I never truly understood how important and how much joy you get from working out properly and efficiently. Ed brings out those aspects in his approach to  training and is going to tell you “how it is” whether you want to hear it or not. This is important when you want to become the very best athlete you can be. If it weren’t for Ed and his training I would not have accomplished the achievements that I have today. He has been there with me through the good and bad, helping me fight through adversity that has come upon me.

I owe everything to Ed and he will forever not only be my strength and conditioning coach but a close friend as well. 


Spencer Nealy
Texas A&M University
Detroit Lions - NFL

Minnesota Vikings - NFL  



Most people don’t look forward to their workouts every day, but when I work out with Ed Cosner, I can honestly say that I look forward to my workout. I have never found anyone else who can push me to perform at my highest potential while I am still having fun. Going into my first year of college, my strength and conditioning coach immediately noticed the technique that Ed taught me in all the Olympic lifts and said I was light years ahead of where most incoming freshmen came in as. Ed doesn’t just view you as a client; he views you as a person he wants to develop a relationship with. You aren’t just going to be another athlete to him that is bringing him in money. You are going to be someone that he genuinely cares about and wants to see you succeed!

Kacy Jo Griffin
Colorado State University at Pueblo





I would not be where I am today without Ed’s training.  It helped me to gain strength and power in my movement, both on the basketball court and in the weight room.  Over the time I worked with Ed, I saw a huge improvement in every aspect of my body, including strength, speed, and agility.  The bottom line is that Ed turned me from a tall, skinny kid into a college athlete! 

Ben Byron
University of Texas at Dallas







Ed Cosner is a great coach and a great man. He has not he had not only taught me how to become a champion in sports, but also in life. I am truly blessed to be coached by Ed. Without him, I would not have been as successful and would not have earned the accolades I did during high school and college.  What makes Ed better than the rest? Well, in order to answer that question you have to examine what attributes make a great strength coach. A great strength coach must be well educated, well versed in many lifting techniques, experienced, able to teach lifting to a wide range of ages and skill levels, able to write month to month and year to year training programs, and be able to adjust his concepts to fit each individuals needs. Ed Cosner has all of these traits. He is well educated with a Masters Degree in Human Performance from Baylor University. Ed is familiar with and understands many different lifting techniques and has chosen the one that works best for elite athletes- explosive speed and movements. He has also worked with young athletes from 14 years of age to 30+ year old Olympic athletes and has shown his coaching abilities time and time again through the success of these trainees. These athletes, of all ages and skill levels,  dramatically increased in their sports performance.  In addition, Ed has written month and year long programs for Sports Teams throughout the World. Lastly, with the possession and combination of all these great strength coach traits, Ed certainly has the ability to adjust and re-shape any individual athlete’s program on a daily basis to allow the athlete maximum progress and results out of his work out. Thus, you do not have to agree with my opinion about Ed, but you cannot deny his credentials and the drastic improvement and high level of success of nearly 100% of his athletes, which proves his philosophies and coaching   methods truly work.

Paul Taylor
St. Mary's Hall
High School All American 
Goucher College



With Ed, you get a coach who knows what it takes to be a champion and who wants you to become a champion. When training with Ed, it is not a question of whether or not your workout is helping; instead, it is whether or not YOU are willing to put in the extra-effort and commitment to become a champion.


"To any parent who wants their youngster to be trained in a safe, scientifically sound manner, one need look no further than Ed Cosner. Ed will do everything possible to assure that all his clients, young and adult, have the absolute best chance to maximize their potential."

Dr. George Taylor (formerly Ed's college professor)
University of Texas at San Antonio



I have known Ed Cosner for over 20 years. We met at an NSCA conference where he was like a little kid on Christmas Eve, his infectious desire to learn and improve was evident then and continues to be what sets him apart from the other trainers out there. Not only is Ed at the forefront of knowledge side of the business, he is also still cutting a swath through the competitors on the Highland Games and Strongman circuits. He is out there training others but still dedicating himself to improvements in his chosen sports, the epitome of “walking the talk!” Ed knows only one way to work with athletes giving of himself in a caring, humanistic way that will go a long way to assisting the athlete meet their specific goals. He is hard working, dedicated loyal and a man of great personal and professional integrity. I unreservedly recommend Ed Cosner to you to get the job done.

Ashley Jones
International Strength & Conditioning Coach


Ed Cosner is not a personal trainer, he is a strength and conditioning coach that guarantees positive results in whichever sport you may play. His training methods and training programs that he put me on drastically changed the way I was able to perform on the lacrosse field. Ed helped me transform myself into a great player. His training programs have made me stronger, faster and one of the most athletic players on the field. I owe a significant amount of credit to Ed Cosner for the success I have with Lacrosse.

Andrew Schwartz
St. Mary's Hall
High School All American 
Goucher College




I had an opportunity to train in Ed's gym in 2011 as I prepared for the 2011 USAW National Championships. Ed has a sharp eye and on a number of occasions was able to point out when I was not at my best or an aspect of my technique had fallen off. Ed also introduced me to a few new ideas and exercises that helped with my recovery and this helped tremendously. More importantly, Ed does a fantastic job with the athletes that he coaches. His primary concern is their safety and use of quality technique when training in his gym so that the athletes are prepared to do their best in their chosen sport. Further, Ed has taken great pains to continually increase his knowledge of strength training to ensure his athletes receive intelligent instruction.  Ed has also invested in fantastic equipment for his gym and requires that everyone who enters respects and takes care of the equipment. This truly makes training in his gym a great experience. Finally, Ed expects quality effort and pushes for results, but he is also good guy commands the respect of his athletes by truly wanting them to succeed.

Mike Calley


As a coach its vital to surround yourself with good people that have enthusiasm and a passion for hard work towards excellence if your organization is to reach its potential.  You need to be able to trust all your coaching staff in providing your athletes the best possible development. "it’s not about the coaches, it should always be about the athletes first" I believe. 


After spending time with Ed while he was in New Zealand training All Black and World Champion Ben Franks I was very impressed with Ed's drive, enthusiasm and willingness to learn "our ways" despite his obvious knowledge and expertise in his field, we obviously learnt from Ed but I was very impressed that he was willing to listen and take feedback from Ben which as a coach would encourage me to have Ed Cosner in my organization.


When you find the right person who believes in you as an athlete and works for you in achieving your goals then you have given yourself the best possible platform in achieving what you dream of, Ed is your man.


Scott Hansen
Level 4 International Rugby Board coaching accreditation
Linwood Rugby Manager
Former professional player for Canterbury Crusaders


I first started training with Ed in the summer after my sophomore year of high school in order to improve my strength and speed for lacrosse.  Ed uses a unique blend of  intense speed drills and explosive lifts in the gym, such as snatches, cleans and squats.  When I began training with him I had no strength base whatsoever.  I could not even squat 45 pounds. After 2 years of training with Ed I could not only squat properly but could squat over 300 pounds!!

I enjoyed doing the Olympic lifts so much that I gave up playing lacrosse so I could focus on competing in Olympic Weightlifting. 

I thank Ed for leading me to find my true passion...Weightlifting.

Francis Kennedy 







I had the opportunity to train with Ed Cosner for a few Highland Games and I never felt so explosive and powerful. Ed was able to coach me on how to use my whole body functionally and how to explode th

rough the movements by applying proper technique. He is a great coach and a loyal friend.

Malcolm Medcalf
Masters National Judo Champion
Highland Games 


I have known Ed since 2006 and have found him a valuable resource of information when it comes to training athletes. Our friendship has lasted through our enjoyment of the iron game and our passion to make athletes the best that they can be.

There are few things better than watching a great coach engage their athletes and Ed does this with ease.

I am proud to call Ed a friend and would not hesitate to send any of my athletes to him.

Grant Jenkins
Tennis Australia Strength & Conditioning Coach



I first met Ed in Christchurch New Zealand in 2006. I was instantly drawn to his practical knowledge and wealth of experience on strength and power development. I continue to consult with Ed to develop my programs for my players in one of the toughest competitions in the world. Ed is an international leader in his chosen field. I would not hesitate in calling on “PowerSport” strength and conditioning if you are serious about results.

Sean Burns (RIP)
Strength and Conditioning  Coach
Parramatta Eels
National Rugby League





Ed has been a bottomless pit of help and the most valuable resource I have. 

He would say it was his pleasure to be of help - because that's the kind of guy he is. 

I most recently worked with Ed on a back to performance program for one of my Australian Rugby 7's players. 

The comeback had been overly drawn out with a shoulder reconstruction and further niggling injuries. 

With Ed's guidance, mentoring and programming we had our Rugby player back in full training within 2 weeks and ultimately picked for the Australian Rugby 7's squad. That's the result we wanted for our athlete and that's the result Ed gave us.

If your goal is to be faster, more explosive, more powerful and injury resistant - I can't think of any Coach in the world I would rather train with.

Ed has the rare skill of letting his athletes know that their goals are his goals and that he cares about getting the result.

It's not going to be long before the world discovers that what Ed Cosner offers in the gym really gets results on the field - 

Some of the best and most successful coaches and athletes already know. Don't be the last to find out.

Kelly Beahan
NSW National Rugby Union
Academy Strength and  Conditioning Coach
Wests Tigers Rugby League
Core Conditioner 


I have been in the Strength Coaching profession going on 20 years now.  I have known Big Ed Cosner for 11 of those years.  You will not find a better coach, mentor, and man in this profession!  He has local appeal and international presence.  He has a tremendous track record of turning kids into High School Stars, High School Stars into College Scholarship athletes, College athletes into professionals, and professionals into World Champions.  His combination of training styles and modalities give him the ability to best match the needs of his athletes with training it takes to give them an edge over their competition.  Ed is one of the best coaches you will find; he is a role model to look up to; and, I am honored to be in the same profession with him.

Michael C Cox CSCS
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Beijing Ducks Professional Basketball Club


In knowing Ed Cosner there is not a moment that passes within which you question if Ed is in fact this authentic and intense of a person all the time.  That is Ed!  He is the type of person who brings about feelings of passion, drive, and industriousness in those around him and the type of person I can say, as both a parent and coach, you want your kids to spend some time around.  I tell athletes I have worked with that the first two things I need to see in coaches and athletes I surround myself with is a work ethic and enthusiasm and I promise you will get plenty of both with Ed.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Ed both as a professional colleague and friend and I can say that without a doubt he is an outstanding coach for the right athlete and the right group or team.  The only thing that makes the right athlete, group, or team for Ed is not talent, ability, or reputation; rather the requirement is forged within a desire to work hard, get better, and be respectful of one's self and those around you.  You see like many accomplished coaches and athletes Ed is grateful for the effort made in the training, in the work, but he is far less intolerant of those unwilling to pay the price necessary to achieve success.  

I have gained a tremendous appreciation for the intensity and passion with which he runs his training program and it is unrealistic to expect Ed to have lesser expectations for his clients and athletes.  Ed cares deeply for those placed in his care and for making the profession better, as a coach and as an athlete, and the decision to train with Ed Cosner is a decision that will bring the client or athlete one step closer to achievement and success.


Daniel Martinez
Director, Elite Volleyball Performance 


Ed Cosner is and will always be my #1 strength and conditioning resource. He  helps athletes build not only muscle and lung power but character and discipline.

Thanks Ed!

Cory Torkelson BS CSCS











Training with Ed has taught me that there are NO EXCUSES!! The effort put into your training directly effects the outcome and the successes you will achieve.  My vision and hope for my future in athletics is limitless thanks to training with Ed.

Madison Partridge







Work Ethic and Personal Responsibility

I have had plenty of coaches but no one has ever pushed me harder, while at the same time allowing me to enjoy and want to train more often with more enthusiasm.  Ed did not create the goals; he simply helped motivate me and put me on the path to achieve my goals.

The physics of Speed and Power

Ed Cosner taught me how and why my individualized training helped with my on the field performance.  I never did a lift just to do a lift; rather Ed explained the physics behind how the lift would help my specific position in my sport. It is not about the hang cleans or the squats – it is about speed, power, and explosion.

Thanks Ed!

Cowboy Rindler





As a Lacrosse coach, it is my belief that the players that get to see the field are strong, quick and athletic. This goes for every position. Having worked and coached alongside Ed Cosner in the Youth, High School, and Collegiate Club levels of the sport, I have yet to find another Strength, Speed and Quickness Coach that can better prepare individual players, as well as an entire team, for an upcoming season. Ed's attention to detail and proper movement instruction in the gym is the main reason the players that I see who have trained with Ed are truly “Athletes”. On the individual level, an extremely large percentage of the players that invest at least an hour a day, five days a week with Ed, have gone on to play at competitive higher levels. The list of collegiate players, accolades his players have received, and the amount of scholarship dollars awarded is truly impressive. On the lacrosse field, Ed's ability to incorporate agility and quickness aspects into lacrosse drills, maintain a regimented conditioning schedule throughout a season, and contribute his knowledge towards every practice is something that I will always value from coaching with him.


Josh Taylor
Head Coach Team Bill
Reagan High School Defensive Lacrosse Coach



I attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where I successfully walked-on to the SMU Mustangs football team. I have been training with Ed Cosner since my senior year in high school of 2007.

Ever since I started working with Ed Cosner, I have benefited physically and mentally. Ed invested his entire effort to teach me the proper techniques and the benefits of exercises to help me be the best athlete that I could be. I greatly improved my strength and speed through his grueling training regimen. Ed motivated me to stay persistent and got me to believe that I could achieve my dream of playing football--a sport that I never played before in my life.

Ed Cosner’s professional experience in sports and in weightlifting provides first hand knowledge and a prime example of what it means to succeed. Ed is highly educated in performance training and is immensely supportive to his clients. Over the years, Ed has not only been my personal trainer, but also a mentor in my life. I can honestly say that working with Ed Cosner has made me a better athlete and has influenced me to live a healthier life.

Owen Lindsey
SMU Football



When I first started training with Ed as a sophomore in high school, I was a weak 180 pound kid with some of the right attributes to play basketball, but also lacking many others. My height helped me to play the sport, but I wasn’t strong enough to compete at the varsity level. Training with Ed helped me to transform my body and my game greatly. Through his techniques I was able to not only gain weight, but also the strength, quickness, and explosiveness needed to compete at a higher level. I also have been able to stay injury free due to the techniques and exercises that Ed uses in his workouts. After a few years of training, I went from 180 pounds to 250 pounds, and I saw the quality of my game increase greatly. Not only are Ed’s workouts very intense and beneficial, but they are also a ton of fun too, and Ed is a great guy! Without Ed, I never would have been able to earn a scholarship to play basketball at the Division 1 level. I owe a huge part of my success to Ed Cosner, and I am extremely grateful to have been able to train with him and know him for these past four years.

Michael Byron
Gardner-Webb University




What does it mean to train with Ed Cosner; there is no second-guessing that’s for sure.  After training with Ed for four years, I learned that if your coming to the gym your there to work in an atmosphere equally as intense as the program set out.  Ed is a rigorous trainer who knows his stuff and has personally made me into the athlete that I am today.  Not to say there weren’t moments of flippantness, a quick subway break proved to really hit the spot.

What Ed has done is instill an ethic in me that surpasses what any other coach or trainer has tried to do previously, proving itself in everyday life. 

Recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon could have sent many athletes packing, however, when I had my accident I relied upon what I have grown to think of as the "Ed Ethic" to get me through. The "Ed Ethic" is all about determination and the willingness to look past limitations and push for ceiling.  Before heading into surgery, Ed confidently told me “going in strong, gonna come out stronger”, only epitomizing the "Ed Ethic" to a further sentiment.  Sure enough I recovered and returned the next year ready to get redemptions.  I attribute my ability to walk and play lacrosse again to both my surgeon and Ed Cosner.

Ed may have taught me how to lift, how to rack a clean, how to pull from my traps, but his teaching far exceed simple weight lifting techniques, they encourage a way of life.

Nick Navarro 




I chose Ed after taking my time evaluating every other trainer in the city area. I'd wanted to learn the Olympic lifts for years, and since this was the first occasion I had to finally learn them, I had to be certain I was going to get quality instruction. Ed fit the bill perfectly and is absolutely qualified. His own accomplishments in weightlifting speak volumes; but his ability to clearly communicate with no more words than necessary allows his students to learn at an exceptional rate.

With the time I briefly spent with Ed, I learned more than I could have hoped. He has an excellent attention to detail and notices the slightest of movements that make critical differences in technique. Openly sharing his knowledge and experiences - at times when you need it, not all at once - saves his trainees the frustration of having to go through those frustrations on their own. He is obviously an excellent instructor and his ease at designing your program and assisting you in your goals instills confidence in your own abilities. I would highly recommend him to any lifter or athlete, and I look forward to continuing to learn from him well into the future.

Nathan Breneman




I met Ed during the later part of my junior year in high school. I was nervous because my older brother went through his training program a year earlier and would come home having the wonderful constantly sore feelings after a great workout. So my expectations had to do with how I was going to do the same workouts/routines as Spencer (my older brother), as well as excel in the same categories as him. This is what I love about Ed, he knew Spencer and I had very different body types (I was way stronger than him) and he was able to figure out my strengths and weaknesses. He evaluated me for about two months, fixed my form so I knew what I was doing when I power cleaned, hang cleaned, and squats. He taught me the art of power. You will find it all of this site, power=strength x speed / time, which is exactly what he got me concentrating on. Once I got that down and did a true personal training cycle wrote out by Ed, everything seemed to improve drastically. Yes, my muscles got big, full and tight but being a big guy that is the least of my worries because I had huge increases in my mobility for my position on the football field. I know I will always be good looking, but it's so fun to strong and powerful. I saw numbers I thought I would never see, and the best part was my form was not complete crap anymore. My squats were parallel, my shoulders could rotate during power and hang cleans while keeping a straight back, I could flip a tire AND talk shit to Ed while doing it. But when you train with Ed its like nothing else, I have had the best conversations with him unlike anyone before, I would pick up Bill Millers BBQ for us and just to sit and learn all I could from him. He became my friend first then my strength and conditioning coach. I think anyone trying to become an athlete in any sport should consider Ed before anyone because if there is something he does not know, I guarantee he will know it like the back of his hand by the end of the week. I owe this man for everything I have done and will continue training under his program as long as I train.

Hunter Nealy


The word DREAM is a great word. It can feed the human spirit to be something better than expected. It can also be crushed and make life feel unfulfilled. I know I have seen both spectrums of the word and felt both extremes of emotion and that's because my definition of living your dream is not living a life of lots of money, private planes, ect. But it's about finding out what you want to do in life and getting out there and doing it. And the journey to achieving your dreams is the best part of the process. Before Ed and PowerSport  I didn't know where I was on the path to achieving my dream of playing football for a living. I have had small nagging injuries due to "sprint training" without being educated on how to take care of myself causing failed try outs and loss in confidence. Ed helped me gain more than body strength he helped me gain my confidence back. We discuss goals of ours as well as life experiences and as I continue to see growth in myself, I am happier to see the facility grow with more and more people willing to work hard train harder to achieve their DREAMS.¨¨

Thanks Ed.... For everything

¨¨Byron McGhee


Over the course of the 12+ years that I have known Ed, I have been and always will be a devout student of his technical training and coaching. My initial training sessions with Ed started when I was a high school football player in San Antonio, TX. Ed’s expertise helped me develop a greater explosiveness both off the ball and at the point of contact. Those many hours spent in the gym and on the track not only prepared me for high school football but also throughout my four year college career and most importantly, professionally as a US Army infantry officer. I credit Ed with initially preparing me as a high school athlete, continually as a college athlete, and ultimately as a leader of infantry soldiers. In my experience in multiple tours overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, mental toughness and physical fitness go hand in hand. In the words of General David Patreaus, “fit minds equals fit bodies.” Ed has been, and continues to be, an invaluable resource to condition mind and body. While I cannot directly say that a few of the close calls I’ve had overseas were a reflection of the training ethos Ed instilled in me, I am damn glad that I did utilize his training techniques in preparing for combat. There is no higher recommendation I could give for a strength, conditioning, and life coach.

David Taliaferro
¨¨Merchant Marine Academy
¨Captain, US Army Infantry